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FHB cheese rendez-vous, SHA2017.
Selection of ciders and condiments
Pressing quins
Tempeh made in cloth.
Kefir cheese straining
Experimental incubator VoidWarranties.
Spider crab for seafood chowder.

This page is dedicated to Food Hacking Base (fhb) presence at 35th Chaos Computer Congress (35c3) in Leipzig 27-30th of December 2018!


Please have a look and support our Crowdfunding campaign!


We are located inside a big hall like at last 34c3, but a different location this time. Once we know our spot exactly we will share the location here.

You can call us on our dect phone. FHB0 (3420).

Our location will be in the north east corner of the hall - picture on the right side of this page (south of orange line)

FHB location according to orga


Coming together, interlinking people who are into food, beverage and bio hacking and most of all having a good time, these are our goals! We will focus on learning, teaching, experimenting well sharing in general in our experimental kitchen and workshop venues. You can join our workshops, give some if you like, or just come, have a chat, check out what we are up to and relax before your next presentation …


“Be excellent to each other” is our creed, lets stick to it! Be sensitive about the follow foodhackers around you, keeping them safe from your experimental frenzy and give them your ear if needed. It is a long ride through the life, many experiences therefore to gain and "swarms" of mistakes on the way. Keeping in mind that it is the community which matters and you are it's part is important, be happy :-).

FHB Departments

We will build and run FHB Experimental Kitchen and two Workshops Venues as our main activity places. There will be of course the support infrastructure like dish washing area, resting corner, dining area, presentation desk etc.

FHB Budget

We rely on independent funding, majority of which is provided by our group and our supporters through FHB at 35c3 crowdsourcing campaign before the event to get the place ready, we aim for minimum €1500 before the event, around €3000 in total, for more info check the budget section. But remember, at the event our motto is "no one turned away for lack of funds"! Donations are much appreciated, but voluntary!


We build, organize and run workshop areas which are suitable for food, drink and bio related activities. You can either join already submitted workshops or you can create your own, for more info please check this section.

FHB Projects

If you have a special project which you would like to run at/from fhb please let us know! By project we mean something what is happening few to several times during the congresses, could be presentations, workshops, tastings, example is for example Probiotic Drinks Everywhere project.

FHB Gear, Tools and Ingredients

In this section you can find the info about what the fhb equipment is going to be and importantly also the "wish list" of what we would like to have but we are missing (like a good electric oven).

List of FHB Events

Day Starting time Event name Event type Duration Max number of participants Place Venue Funding Coordinator
Vegan foo tba / not sure yet 45 minutes 42 FHB assembly Table donation based mrgnz
Meade making presentation tba / not sure yet 45 minutes 20 FHB assembly Table donation based lefrog
Day 1 14:00 Introduction to Tempeh Making hands on workshop 120 minutes 20x FHB assembly workshop venue II. donation based Algoldor
Day 1 16:00 Introduction to Beef Jerky Drying Boxes hands on workshop 60 minutes 20x FHB assembly workshop venue II. donation based Ben
Day 1 20:00 Cidre Making demo/hands on workshop 180 minutes 15x FHB assembly workshop venue I. donation based Algoldor
Day 1 22:00 Whisky Tasting tasting 120 minutes 25 FHB Assembly Workshop Venue II. donation at your will, or bring a bottle Bigmac
Day 2 14:00 Kefir Making hands on workshop 120 minutes 20x FHB assembly workshop venue II. donation based Algoldor
Day 2 19:00 Cheese Rendez-vous, Session I. hands on workshop 120 minutes 20x FHB assembly workshop venue II. donation based Algoldor, ???
Day 2 21:00 Cheese Rendez-vous, Session II. hands on workshop 120 minutes 20x FHB assembly workshop venue II. donation based ???, ???
Day 2 22:00 Beer tasting tasting 2x45 minutes 42 FHB assembly Table donation based salomonderossi
Day 3 14:00 Probiotic Drinks Making hands on workshop 120 minutes 20x FHB assembly workshop venue II. donation based Algoldor
Day 3 21:00 Cidre Flows tasting 120 minutes 20x FHB assembly workshop venue II. donation based Algoldor
day 1? 16:00? example session tasting 120 minutes 42 FHB assembly workshop venue II. donation based your name here


User name Arrival time Departure Travels from
Algoldor 22/12/2018 31/12/2018 Cherbourg, Normandie, France
mrgnz 26/12/2018 31/12/2018 Münster area, Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany
Jaga 26/12/2018
Alexander 25/12/2018 31/12/2018 Hamburg, Germany (by train)
0x378 26/12/2018 31/12/2018 Stuttgart, Germany
salomonderossi aka. Phil 26/12/2018 31/12/2018 Augsburg (near Munich), Germany
lefrog aka. Jérôme 26/12/2018 31/12/2018 Munich, Germany
sproet aka. Emmy 26/12/2018 31/12/2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands
sawugo aka. Daan 26/12/2018 31/12/2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands
bigmac aka. Marcel 26/12/2018 31/12/2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Equipment needs and offers

offer needs
mrgnz bringing: incubator kit (without any chamber or heating system
lefrog bringing: projector, dehydrator, 2 x hot plates (induction), pot 18l, pot 16l

Skills and Interests

skills interests
mrgnz tempeh, mustard, kombucha & kimchi making (basic) vegan stuff, fermentation, drinks, kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, waterkefir, incubator hardware
lefrog beekeeping, mead, French food, chillies