Caffeinated Sherbet

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Time: Day 2, 11:45-13:45

Location: Foodhackingbase, work shop area 1

Come around any time during the workshop to mix your own sherbet powder containing caffeine and Guarana. Making your own sherbet powder is really easy and not that expensive. OBAI Brause is aiming to give you that crucial caffeine dose you're craving for to get you through the event. We're providing the ingredients and tools for the mixing so you can just come over during the workshop.

We only have the tools for 5 people mixing in parallel, but as mixing doesn't take that long more people can mix sequentially. The sherbet recipe is based on [recipe] with some modifications. Thanks to rixx and the shackspace who did this workshop in the recent years.

Similar to a famous German "Brause" sweet, we recommend you to just eat this powder without water.

This workshop is donation-based to cover the costs of ingredients and the FoodHackingBase workshop location.

Link to official Self Organized Session at 35c3 wiki