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FHB budget for 35c3 is being discussed at our regular Sunday meetings at #foodhackingbase channel at oftc network, IRC, please join to participate.

For 35c3 we have decided for a minimum €1000 for preparations - prep-budget and so far not sure about the event budget which together with prep-budget should make total of around €3000 like last year give or take, open to discussion, lower would be better.


It includes:

  • €200-300 building material
  • €150 transport of equipment (Algoldor)
  • €100 buildup food budget - the hungry hackers must be fed during buildup
  • €400 main ingredient shopping
  • €100 fridges (2x€50, bought on the spot)

Event Budget - being worked on based on last years result

  • shopping during the events
  • €150 transport of equipment back (Algoldor)
  • disposal of things not transported by us or donated and picked up after the event