Food Hacking Tour Winter 2014

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At 30c3 in Hamburg we will officially start our winter food hacking tour, hitting the road around 2nd of January promoting the food, beverage and bio hacking concepts touring Europe in a hackerbus which Moritz generously loaned us for this purpose. This tour will be also crowdsourcing campaign, our first in 2014 and our first for sure when we teamed up with an associated group, in this case Dancing Drops (dd) which I (Algodor) and Eunha are co-founders and which is based in Jeju island, South Korea. Strategy and profit splitting is now set to 20% of fhb and 80% for dd we will see if it stays after we all meet at 30c3.

What we plan to do during touring the hackerspaces and slow food/fermentation communities:

  • come together with your community and see how you do in your place, find out what works for you and what doesn't, document it and share it with the international hacker community if you are OK with that of course
  • promote the concepts which we cherish as fhb community: demonstrating traditional techniques of food&beverage preparation, building equipment and machines making food&beverage prep. more easy and up to date, sharing it as open source etc.
  • give workshops on variety of food&beverage preparation, hands on mostly including now traditional kombucha, kefir and probiotic drinks, performing also newly tempeh, kimchi, makgeolli and others, donation based, no-one turned away for lack of funds
  • promoting and further progressing on the Experimental Incubator project by building the prototypes and getting people involved
  • preparing and sharing food&drinks together, our flag ship will be authentic traditional Korean dinner and International dinner

What should be the outcomes?

  • we would like to get in touch and stay in touch
  • document this trip sharing the knowledge and experience which we gather with hacker community and others
  • helping to make the food hacking more frequent activity in your community, improving together your facilities if possible
  • for Dancing Drops we would like to get some extra cash from this endeavor so we can cover our travel expenses from Asia to Europe (around 2500 eu should do), if possible ending in a bit of surplus for activities in our local community helping also to keep us afloat. For fhb, we should end up around 1000 eu in extra funds.

Places which we plan to visit:

Country City Hackerspace space date Workshops/Event Person to contact
Germany Kiel ChaosKueste 3-4 January not decided yet Sven
Germany Munster Warpzone 5-7 January not decided yet Lars, Thorsten
The Netherlands Arnhem Hack42 8-9 January not decided yet Lurwah, Erwin
The Netherlands Amsterdam Techinc 10-12 January not decided yet Arnd
Belgium Antwerp VoidWarranties 13-14 January not decided yet Ivo
Luxembourg Luxembourg syn2cat 17-18 January kefir workshop, Korean dinner mAcfreAk, Tom
Switzerland Geneva PostTenebrasLab 20-21 January kombucha is easy!, Korean dinner Alexandre
Serbia Novi Sad LUGoNS 24-27 January kefir workshop, Korean dinner Jelena, Milos
Greece ??? ??? 28-31 January not decided yet ???
Bulgaria Sofia Init Lab 1-2 February kombucha is easy!, Korean dinner Vladimir
Hungary Budapest H.A.C.K. 5-6 February not decided yet ???
Czech Republic Kout na Sumave home village 8-9 February presentation about "Magical Jeju", Korean dinner Algoldor, Eunha
Czech Republic Praha Brmlab 10-12 February not decided yet Ruza a&spol.
Czech Republic Ceske Budejovice University of Slouth Bohemia 13 February presentation about "Magical Jeju" Algoldor, Eunha.
Slovak Republic Bratislava ProgressBar 14-16 February not decided yet Wilder, Juraj
Germany, Bavaria Augsburg [OpenLab Augsburg] 17 February party evening Moritz&spol.

About the trip

With some delay I'm going to talk a bit about our tour experience. Most of the info you can find on our blog draft proposal is being developed here. All in all the trip was amazing, bit too busy at least in it's first half and covering it self at the end but alas no extra money generated really - a bit which we used during for our pleasures and for some presents. The hospitality of the hackerspaces was really amazing and I was really touched by that, realizing that at in Europe as movement we do well, our bases our strong!