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Dancing Drops [춤추는물 - čung čung mul - chung chung mul] is an open food&beverage focused group founded in the summer of 2012 in Seoul, South Korea by Eunha Jun and Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck. The aim of this group is to promote especially the art of fermentation combining the ancient traditional approaches, current technology advancements and todays scientific achievements. The guiding principles are coherent with the fhb ones as stated above, open source sharing being at the base of it. In case of this group more emphasis is paid on fermentations (than at fhb) and Korean language is prominent in many communications. We are however trying to provide manuals both in English and Korean, especially for techniques which are specific to Korea and not so well known in the west.

The current goals of the group are to establish bio focused hacking center in Gasiri, Jeju which would serve as a small to medium scale production facility, workshop place and bio focused hacker space with community center. The building phase should start in the late spring of 2014, agreements to the land use are now seeked and so are the financial resources. Part of the necessary equipment will be covered by government funds which were granted already, however within a year or so some of them will need to be relocated to a another associated facility.

If you are interested in getting in touch, please check our facebook group page or write to us by email.