Meeting notes 2018 10 21

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Here you can find meeting notes from our 39th meeting which happened on 21/10/2018 at our #foodhackingbase irc channel at oftc network. Main topics are preparations for 35c3 more info here. Next meeting will be held on Sunday 28th of October at 20h00 at your irc channel.

Present Algoldor, Mario, jglauche, alexander, jaga


  • Probiotic Drinks Ewerywhere (pde) at 35c3

There will probiotic drinks at the event again, better organized and in bigger amounts, last time we run out on day three without really promoting it. Again plastic bottles only, donation at your will no one turned away for lack of funds. Alexander is not sure about the brewing yet, Algolder will definitely bring some water kefir and milk kefir based drinks.

  • Experimental Incubator (ei)

We need to ask bigmac and arnd what were the suggestions for the new generation. We were talking about switching from our own pcb design to some pre-made easy to work with set up, but Algoldor doesn't remember the name/type.