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Here you will find notes on our next meeting hold on Thursday 13/7/2017 at 20:00 CET at #foodhackingbase IRC channel at oftc network. Next meeting will be on Thursday 20/7/2017 at 20:00 CET at #foodhackingbase IRC channel at oftc network.



  • Progress of the crowdsourcing campaign
    • Bigmac will do the updates of finances and perks.
  • We need to fill up workshops which are suppose to happen at fhb during sha2017. People can book place by contributing to our crowdsourcing campaign, they need to know therefore if they can come or if it would overlap with another activity.
    • whisky tasting is going to be without signing system on Day 3, Cheese tasting will be moved from day 2 to day 3.
  • beer tasting and whisky tasting, can we put the events up as self organized session? Is the beer tasting happening, someone organizing?
  • Which day should we have FHB SHA2017 party? Would be Day 2 - Saturday OK?
    • Fhb party will be on day 2 - Saturday.
  • Access to the Food Hacking Base (fhb) account at - this is the place where we host our wikis especially and we lost login details. Algoldor tried to recover them, it is possible but he failed when too much technical details were asked.
  • Journée de la Fermentation Saturday 29th of July at SHA2017 camping ground - we will hold our regular monthly fermentation event on the campaign ground, we need to prepare posters, promotion and think how to organize on the spot.
  • We need to ask village team since when we can set up fhb at it's event location. If the location is not available since 26th or so, where can we start the build up of tables etc.
    • It looks like we can arrive to the field on 26th but only with written confirmation (we have to apply), we need to send email to the village orga copying Webmind asking for early build up date for our location. Will be done by Algoldor.
  • When we feel like our list of events is close to being final we should send it to the speakers desk and they should upload it to the program (info from Sebastius, sha2017 irc, asked by Algoldor).
  • All events including alcohol needs to have 18+ only sign on the wiki - orga asked, irc private message to algoldor 10/7/2017
  • we should come up with a cool name for our "presentation desk" where we talk to the people and offer snacks.
  • waste disposal - we need to organize it very well after the issues at OHM2013 (orga already reminded us) we will coordinate with Sebastius (sha2017orga irc channel conversation Atilla, Algoldor). Sebastius says that regular disposal by garbage bags to the bin is planned, wooden debris from build up may be donated to the firepit crew but that has to be discussed with them.
  • we got email from orga concerning drinking water and drainage connections - no connections planned but we are places next to the toilet allowing to be creative, hint hint ... (email conversation village team, Algoldor)