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Here you will find agenda and meeting notes of the 20/7/2017 meeting which will happen at 20:00 CET at #foodhackingbase IRC channel at oftc network

People Present

Algoldor, Bigmac, Alexander, Ikmaak, Jeti, Jglauche


  • the table of villagers on our fhb wiki is double, preferably the top one should be taken down
    • done by jeti
  • when to have next meeting, again Thursday 27th of July at 20:00 - part of the team will be at sha2017 ground already (Bigmac, Fenkt, Algoldor
    • the network may not be up at the camp ground till 4th
  • Algoldor should arrive on 26th of July as planned before, there was slight emergency because of the technical control but it should be fine now, I have time to sort it out till 23/8/2017 (hoping to do so over next weekend)
  • did winand get the experimental incubator kit dimensions - did someone send him the kit? Bigmac he contacted you about that I believe some time ago ...
  • presentation desk- how to make it cool and have enough people to present us, plus having what to present - well linked to the kitchen. This installation is very important for us both for promotion and for getting donations towards our project. Algoldor suggest to build it up using the "stove" table design so we can also prepare and serve food standing, directly to the people so we interact more. It would be more comfortable for kitchen duties.
  • we still do not have the garden train secured for the event
  • ask village orga if we can be at the ground from 26/7/2017 by email, Algoldor will write
  • jeti and ikmaak are discussing the image making during the sha2017, they are the ones who should make it happen
  • bigmac will bring food processor?
  • 5 extra hungry hacker options for crowdsourcing campaign, 15 in total
  • FAQ (food and questions)- name for our presentation desk by jeti. Ikmaak is fine to volunteer a bit for the front of faq.
  • we need to upgrade our donation jars, maybe hand painted, one big for show, jglauche and ikmaak pointed that out, hopefully they will have time to help with that. The "evolving" donation jars should increase donation intake during the event (ikmaak points this out).
  • Food Hacking Badge, should we make apps for the SHA badge, suggestions discussed
    • Food Timer
    • Guided recipe book, have kits for stuff to cook at your tent, with recipes
    • "improving food truck food easily" recipies
    • Food ticketing system, You can virtually queue with your badge, on arrival it is assigned the next available queue position, when food is ready a button is pressed and the badge in the front of the queue will buzz, and the person can collect his food by showing his badge with the ticket number. Might be a nice experiment, someone will probably hack it as we are in a hackers camp. (we might verify the badges mac address when checking the ticket)