Meeting Notes 2016 10 09

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By Monday 10th of October if not sooner you can find here meeting notes from Sunday 9th of October 13:00 CET meeting which is happens at our #foodhackingbase channel at oftc network.

Topics for the meeting:

  • fhb mailing list failure sorted, mailing list is back and working

- discussed no suggestions made to shorten the period to notice that the list is down, at the moment it took us three weeks which is bit long, within one week would be nicer

  • report on transport of fhb trailer from Czech Republic to Netherlands, the shape of the trailer and handing it back to Bigmac, if he likes,if we decide etc. (we still owe him the cash, so it is really his)

- SawuGo has transported the trailer, the fuel money has been sorted by bigmac, needs to be checked about reimbursement. We will check in upcoming months if we can get same or better quality trailer for less money.

  • fhb venue or fhbc (fhb colony) at 33c3 - are we in the building or not, do we have any new info? If not when do we start to really look for another place. So far ccc orga knows about us and is considering amount of space outside of the building, however due to reconstructions it is still being discussed.

- no updates, discussing options who to contact and when. One is Centro Sociale other Gaengeviertel. Ofosos and Algoldor will prepare email for Gaengeviertel by Wednesday 12/10/2016 and hopefully get in touch.

  • distribution of the tokens which we got among the group and possibly for someone who we consider important and was participating/supporting us in the past - the person needs to be related to our group, at least should participate with us at this event

- ofosos reserved token till 25/10 waiting if we are in the main venue or not, Zaerc got his token and ticket and Ruben got his token (waiting if it replicates if not he needs one more)

  • signing in projects and their budget requirements - discussing criteria of what to do, who should promote it, who should run what, type of funding etc. This will be regular topic for next two months or so. As before it would be good to make deadline for signing in projects, at least the main ones, before we run crowdsourcing campaign to meet the budget more easily. I would say that end of November latest.
  • anything else what someone considers important

- bravo noted that our code for experimental incubator, which was written by Bigmac and Lars, doesn't have any clear "license" so people may be worried about using it freely. We should discuss on the experimental incubator mailing list how to sort this out, we would like people to use it and if possible contribute back, the link to the code is here.

People Present

  • Algoldor, brabo, ofosos, SawuGo and sproet,

Next weeks meeting

  • preliminary date is Sunday 16th of October at 13:00 CET at our #foodhackingbase channel at oftc network, meeting notes will be shared here Meetings Notes 16/10/2016 and link send to the mailing list. Please keep in mind that up to Wednesday or Thursday the date may be changed.