Meeting Notes 2016 10 16

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When the time comes here will be notes and info for and from the meeting held most likely on 16/10/2016 at 13:00 CET at our #foodhackingbase channel at oftc network.

  • fhb venue or fhbc (fhb colony) at 33c3 - are we in the building or not, do we have any new info? Progress on looking around for another places. So far ccc orga knows about us and is considering amount of space outside of the building, however due to reconstructions it is still being discussed. We may be on the top of the Hall-H, therefore outside, if so electric heaters are suggested to heat our tents (because of the safety and not paying for the power compared to the gas options).
  • trailer - did the fhb trailer become again Bigmac's trailer, if so is there any decrease of money which we owe him (roughly around 500 eu so far)?

- the trailer is now Bigmac's and fhb doesn't owe him any money, so we are clean as a group because that was our only debt so we are on zero. - the closed trailer should be available from mid December onwards for fhb 33c3; it commutes between Amsterdam and Paris at the moment

  • distribution of the tokens - nine tokens left so far,

- Brabo claimed one, so eight left, we should check on our "members" if they come and what is their ticket situation. - but the tokens stopped working :(

  • signing in projects and their budget requirements - Algoldor would like to add Local crop processing project as part of our 33c3 agenda because he would like to ask for support of it and share the products during the event. Cider tasting event would be part of it.

- local crops processing project discussed a bit (it's Normandy part), no new projects added

Next weeks meeting

  • preliminary date is Sunday 23th of October and time is bit tricky. Suggested one is 16:30 CEST - Algoldor will be at Moscow Sheremet Airport from 16:15 till 19:20 (Moscow local time) however if the flight has some issues I may be late. The place is at our #foodhackingbase channel at oftc network, meeting notes will be shared here Meetings Notes 23/10/2016 and link send to the mailing list. Please keep in mind that up to Wednesday or Thursday the date may be changed.