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Kefir grain, workshop la Cherche, Cherbourg.

This workshop is for people who are already familiar with brewing probiotic beverages at least on basic level, in other words you kind of know what is going on, sugars are being broken by microbes on different compounds like lactic acid, carbon dioxide, alcohol and so on. We will be doing decent amount of tasting including milk kefir based cultures, water kefir, kombucha but lets hope also for some more exotic ones like shindary - non alcoholic version of magkeolli both made from nuruk)(Japanese versions would be amazake and sake made from ipku/koji Aspergillus oryzae), atole and more, comparing therefore variety of cultures and flavours plus we will be discussing different brewing techniques, issues et cetera. I Algoldor would like to include this time some "fun" hands on activities like opening overpressured bottles etc. Please note that we will be going not only through non alcoholic drinks but also some alcoholic beverages like magkeolli, young cidre and hopefully more. Of course with a wide range like this any help in organization and beverage preparation is most appreciated!

As with my other workshops it is donation based, no one turned away for lack of funds. Some of the beverages will be part of our probiotic drinks everywhere project (pde) and also available at our FHB bar.

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