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Probiotic Drinks Everywhere (pde) project is our traditional response to the thirst of fhb group and others. The idea is to provide tasty beverages made from high quality ingredients of both non alcoholic and alcoholic properties. We will be having kombucha, water kefir and milk based kefir drinks of variety of flavours, some ciders, beers and more. Of course most of it prepared by ourselves. The project should cover it's budget by voluntary donations no one turned away for lack of funds and hopefully bringing in some extra cash which will be used towards fermentation mobile project and of course part, like 30% or so would go towards fhb budget.


We plan on having ready around 300-500 l of non alcoholic fermented beverages, plus lets say 150 l of cider (French style), 100 l of beer and another lets say 30 l or so of specials like makgeolli etc.


Concerning non alcoholic beverages we will have:

  • kombucha - minimum black tea variety, preferably also some green tea Earl Grey, all vegan friendly.
  • water kefir - several flavours like ginger beer, herbal, tamarind etc. vegan friendly
  • milk kefir - again several flavours like hibiscus, mate etc. vegetarian friendly
  • water kefir - honey - base made not from sugar but from honey, if flavoured probably blossoms will be added as honeysuckle, jasmine, lavender etc. (very nice for kids), vegetarian friendly
  • syrups - we will have several home made syrups based on sugar. They include elderflower, cherry, lemon and other flavours ...

Serving and Storage

We will be renting for this project a cooling trailer which will be shared with fhb, however the pde project will pay for it's share independently, total will be between €600-700. We will have at least one or rather two beverage fridges available to us for this project especially. The drinks will be served in plastic bottles, never in glass, 500 ml bottles proffered. If all goes well we will have them also as draft ones on a fhb bar, however without carbon dioxide added.

Renting options for the Cooling Trailer: