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(CZ pro verzi v češtině prosím klikněte zde/for Czech version please click here)

John Worlidge, Vinetum Britannicum, 1678

Summary We plan to collect and process variety of agricultural and wild food crops in a local region of Kout na Šumavě turning them into a high quality of either fermented or non fermented products as fruit juices, ciders, dried apples etc. Long term goals are to utilize and further develop local resources using new technologies and DIY approach when possible, bridging therefore fermentation, slow food and DIY/hacker movement. We aim for increasing independence and self sustainability of the local community and bring benefits and income to its members distributing the gains as equally as possible. The whole project is founded on moral and ethical principles of "being excellent to each other" and will be documented and made available based on open source principles. Educational tour which precedes the harvest and production phase will be one of the sources of experience and inspiration, interlinking us with enthusiasts and organizations around the globe. This tour we hope to repeat in variety of forms in the years to come.

Please note that information shared on the project wiki is reflecting the stage of the project during the autumn and winter season 2016/2017, final summaries for both parts of the project are presented at each of the two sections, longer and more detailed overview will be presented as a blog post.

Project Coordinator is Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck, for more info click on the link.

Project Overview

Apple and Pear Processing Study Trip - focus on cider production (for more info click here) (CZ verze/version)

  • This part of the project has been "trimmed" to visiting Normandy, staying there between 27/10 till 4/11/2016 and 3/12-15/12/2016
  • Locations: Western Europe, suggested Places - Asturias, Spain; county Cork, Southern Ireland, Republic of Ireland; southwest England (Worcester, Gloucester), United Kingdom; Brittany, France; Normandy, France
  • Dates: 15th of September till 15th of October
  • Aims: observe variety of orchard types, apple varieties, processing technology, social interlinking and securing few to several hundreds kilos of cider apples
  • What is needed: car with trailer or van, get/cover fuel, ferry, food etc.
  • Estimated costs:€800-3000 (estimated minimal cost of car is around €1500 if it has to be bought)

Apple and Pear Processing in Kout na Šumavě 2016 (for more info click here) (CZ verze/version)

  • Location: Kout na Šumavě, Czech Republic
  • Dates: 15th of October till second half of November
  • Aims: set up a temporary base for harvesting and processing phase; harvest apples and pears around the village; process them to variety of products, distribute part of them within the community; document and share the experience which we have gained; make suggestions to improve the model for the future years
  • Note: processing will have to be done in collaboration with other regional subjects to ensure that at least part of the products fulfill legal requirements for commercial use.
  • What is needed: place serving as base of operation and storage, 5x5-5x10 m with roof, fresh water and drainage and electricity, equipment for harvesting and processing of crops and transportation option like car or cart.
  • Estimated costs: €500-1500