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Probiotic cooking is hands on workshop where we use variety of high quality ingredients including prebiotic and probioti (prepared by fermentation) ones creating variety of dishes. There are two main topics. One is to "discover" how much better dishes can be when you are using really high quality ingredients. The other is to share recipes and tricks to make these amazing creations. Imagine for example making soup from kimchi, kimchi jjigae (김치찌개) or kimchi-jeon 김치전, dressing for salad using cidre vinegar aged for three years in oak barrel mixed with mirrabelle syrup made at 2019 ccc camp, soy sauce infused at cold with shiso ...

Fhb will have a decent amount of good stock, if you can bring something good please do so, either for the workshop or for sharing and exchange.

This workshop is based on "donation at your will no one turned away for lack of funds". Part of the workshop benefits goes towards fhb budget and hopefully larger part towards Algoldor's pocket to cover participation costs at EMF 2024 event and if some extras are accumulated, then towards current and future fermentation projects.