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Art work by Fx Oliveri
Chickpeas are ready!
Tempeh, courtesy of Dan Merc
Water kefir beverages, courtesy of Daniel Kolbus
Movie by Hadrien Clair
Movie by Hadrien Clair
Movie by Hadrien Clair
Movie by Hadrien Clair

On Saturday 25/3/2017 we are going to have first Open Fermentation Day at La Cherche community artistic space, everybody is welcome! On this page you can find more info about this event. We are promoting fermentation activities bringing together people who are interested in this art&science. We hope you join us and we can ferment together! Events like these are planed to become regular activities. For extra info contact Algoldor.

Tempeh is Easy

14:00 "Tempeh is Easy" is hands on workshop, introduction to soybean fermentation. You learn how to make your own tempeh bringing your own creation home with you. Suggested donation is €20 per person, no one turned away for lack of funds, students, older and unemployed 50% down, 15 places available, if interested please sign in here. Here is the workshop manual, pdf version.

FR 14:00 “Tempeh is Easy”, un atelier ou vous apprendrez à réaliser vos propres tempeh, vous aurez la possibilité d’emporter vos créations à la maison. Personne ne manquera de nourriture, ni de boisson, on va être bien. Ce serait bien de compter environ 20€ par participant, possibilité de faire une réduction pour les plus démunis. Il y a 15 places dispos, vous pouvez vous enregistrez ici.

Fermentation Healing Table

19:00 "Fermentation Healing Table" offers selection of variety of international fermented dishes, beverages and more! We will try to put on the table as many ferments as possible, demonstrating in practice how to make the food go through the digestive track nice and easy. Donation at your will, no one turned away for lack of funds. There are 25 places available, if interested sign in here please. Preparations start around 16:30 or so if you want to learn more.

FR 19:00 “Fermentation Healing Table”, une variété de plats et de boissons usant des bienfaits de la fermentation, et d’autres choses encore... Prix libre. Il y a 25 places dispos ,enregistrement ici. On commence les préparations vers 16:30, c‘est ouvert à tout le monde ! Vous pouvez vous enregistrez ici.

Movie by Hadrien Clair

20:30 Documentary about people that are doing things, they also talk. It’s been filmed in South Africa, it is a first movie, and i like it.

FR 20:30 Film de Hadrien Clair ! Documentaire sur des gens qui font des choses, et puis qui parlent. C’est tourné en Afrique du sud, c’est une première réalisation, je l’aime bien.

General Info

Preparations for the Open Fermentation Day start around 10:00 if you would like to come and help and learn something extra you are welcome and you will definitely not go hungry or thirsty!

FR Les préparations de l’Open Fermentation Day débutera à 10:00, si vous voulez passez, donner un coup de main, vous êtes les bienvenus, on manquera de rien!

We hope to interlink people who are into the fermentation and establish a platform or hub if you like which will promote fermenting in Cherbourg. Weekly activities should be set, like brewing day, monthly events like this Fermentation Day etc.

This event is part of the International Open Day for Hackerspaces with Food Hacking Base (fhb) participants joining in variety of locations.