Meeting notes 2023 07 30

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Here you can find our notes from the 30/7/2023 meeting, 19h00 CET at #foodhackingbase channel, oftc network, IRC.

People present : jeti, algoldor, kolhell, bigmac

List of topics

  • get foodhackingbase mailing list functioning again, it is hosted at - we are waiting for a replay from Jo, he/she is trying to fix it
    • we have got our admin access back, algoldor and jeti has the login details. The test email did not go through.
  • does fhb has a decent wifi at the camp ground? Kolhell offers to bring his "chromecase" to help out with that
  • check with people present if they are OK to chip in fhb budget and how. It is time to get some money in already.
  • spendings/fhb bills should be send to vendor-bills (you know the sign)
  • Shall we serve lunch at 13h00 and dinner at 19h00?
  • bigmac is bringing fridge and micro-wave for the fhb kitchen
  • there will be no workshops on Day 5, teardown starts at 14h00 on Day 5, finished hopefully by noon or till 14h00 on Day 6. Lunch and dinner for Day 5 and some extra food for Day 6 should be prepared on Day 5 morning shift
  • algoldor brings three or four light bars