Meeting notes 2022 07 31

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Here you can find meeting notes from the 71th fhb meeting from 31th of July 2022 just after the MCH2022.

Find the complete chat here


  • FHB finances, final situation after MCH2022 - we are around 42 eu in minus after the event Budget
  • the home made beers by Arnd and pizza were very nice attraction and donation generators during the event
  • when stuff was prepared for the barbecue and served it worked very well too, however it was pity that most of the meat donated, which was highly appreciated, was already premarinated so we could not do so much with it
  • we did not have enough "hands on deck". We straggled at least a bit with preparations of dishes over the course of the day, organizing shopping trips and most of all cleaning dishes and general up keep and organization of the kitchen.
  • stuff to get - more decoration lighting, good can opener, cheese greater, at least one extra induction stove so we have minimum two, dish racks, greater for lemon zest, lemon press, electric stove so we can use even non induction compatible pans and pots, we need to get decent amount of higher quality non stick pans and get rid of the bad ones which have accumulated over the years, get 20, 15 and 10 l induction friendly pots with tops, Algoldor should have at least the 10 and 15 l ones; microwave, if possible decent electric second hand oven, containers to store ingredients and already prepared stuff, more bowls if possible stainless,
  • make allergen labels on ingredients and an extra set of labels for the food we are serving
  • Algoldor suggest that we keep the last day of event, as we did before, clear without any events planed, with one main topic only and that is tear down.
  • we should have shelves in the cooling trailer
  • Sunday 19h00 meeting time at our #foodhackingbase at oftc network IRC should work as kind of common hang out time
  • we need fridge in the kitchen even if we have cooling trailer
  • Labeled smaller crates for workshop items (e.g. to put in cheeses for cheese tasting)
  • Streamline tasting sessions (provide a print out of items, so people know what is what (e.g. for cheese tasting country of origin, type of milk, lactose content, age)