Meeting notes 2023 07 16

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Here you can find our notes for and from meeting from 16/7/2023, 19h00 CET at #foodhackingbase channel, oftc network, IRC.

People present : Jaga, bigmac, kolhell, algoldor, jeti, rtn,

List of topics

  • get foodhackingbase mailing list functioning again, it is hosted at, I (algoldor) believe "jo" is the person to talk to on the irc channel
  • figure out where we can rent a cooling trailer since 13th till 19th
  • we need to rent six beer tables with benches
  • we booked and are waiting for confirmation from orga for 20x fold-able chairs and one 10 hl IBC
  • events planned for the camp which we know of already, are they in the fhb loe (list of events)? Whisky tasting, fhb cheese rendezvous ...
  • we need to get our hands on projector with screen or big TV, so kolhell and others can do presentations
  • bringing printer, Algoldor
  • arrival times: Algoldor 7/8/2023, Bigmac 8/8/2023, Pontus 8/8/2023, jaga 13/8/2023, rtn 14/8/2023
  • Jaga will do a workshop on "shio-koji usage"
  • Bigmac will do workshop on soft cheese making
  • jeti is suggesting that we may create an accounts at revolut or n26 online bank so we can easily receive money for fhb without having issues with our main accounts