Meeting notes 2019 0 11

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Greetings, here you can find info from our 54th meeting which will happen at 20h30 at #foodhackingbase channel, OFTC network, IRC.


Algoldor, Jglauche,


  • creating self organized sessions at the ccc camp wiki - they will correspond to our events at fhb wiki. What is needed - create a session, set up the proper times as at our wiki, copy the text, upload images and check that all the internal links are fine. If someone could volunteer to do this ti would be awesome! What to do this? Self organized sessions will be part of the main ccc agenda so people can find our events when not even knowing that we exist. Timing - it would be good to do it in next two to three days, so by 14th it should be done.
  • answering the mailing list. People are likely to write to fhb mailing list asking about setting up the workshops at our village and having other questions so it would be very good if few people from the group could volunteer and keep an eye on that.
  • promotion of fhb crowdsourcing campaign. We still need to promote the fhb crowdsourcing campaign, please if you want to/can and you did not supported yet do so and spread the word! We are over 1000€ now, I would hope we really arrive to at least 1500€ or rather around 2000€ before the event starts so we are around zero before we launch (we have bigger investments for the camp as usually compared to the congresses)