Meeting notes 2019 07 08

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Here you can find info from our 53dh meeting on 8/7/2019 at our IRC #foodhackingbase channel at oftc network.


Bigmac, Ikmaak,Algoldor


  • arrivals - who arrives when
  • shifts - cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • bar - how to set up bar, what to have there, how to split profit (if there is any). What type of dispensing system, colling, needs to be compatible with keykeg system. Approximate price of new is around 400-600 eu, like for example Lindr Pysma 25/K or rather Lindr Pysma 40 which can have two draft systems, both models have internal compressor and cooling unit. If bought old or new, Algoldor will pay for it so he can use it later on for projects.
  • one fridge, 80 cm high brought by Bigmac, he is taking it back afterwards.
  • buy a roll of stucloper.
  • cleaning station - find small electric boiler, one possibly at techinc?
  • bring aprons; cloth for cooking (we have black ones); two waterproof washing aprons would help also