Meeting notes 2019 06 03

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Here you can find meeting notes for the fhb 51th meeting hold on third of June at our #foodhackingbase channel on OFTC network IRC.

People present: Lefrog, Jglauche, Emmy, Kliment and Algoldor,


  • water source: we have discussed alternative water sources and set ups if we are not connected to the water network. There should be done a small overview of options for this case, not going too deep but doing a basic cost projection and coming back to it if we find out later on that we really need to take this direction. In a simple way two 1 000 l cubis of food grade plastic with pump system should be sufficient.
  • probiotic drinks everywhere project - [User:Algoldor|Algoldor]] is proposing to further develop the probiotic drinks everywhere project (PDE) which is now being run for four years. We are currently on around 150 l of non alcoholic drinks and around 50 l of cider consumed per event. Algoldor is suggesting to set up small kind of unofficial bar where we could have variety of drinks for donations/suggested donations possibly. The costs of the project would be covered from fhb independent budget, space in cooling trailer which is needed would be paid. In total we are talking about 500-1 000 l. Algoldor would also talk to the orga describing what he is after making sure there is no major conflict with the ccc ethos. As usually drinks for take away plastic bottles only, if in glass the bottle would be opened before people leave and it could not be closed properly for pressure to build up = no glass bottle explosions. Around 30% of profit should be dedicated to fhb. The money surplus from stuff which Algoldor brings would go mostly to the fermentation mobile so it can finally happen.