Meeting notes 2018 12 16

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Here you can find meeting notes from 46th fhb meeting held on 16th of December 2018, 20h00 CET at #foodhackingbase channel, oftc network, IRC.


Caterpillar2, Bigmac, Algoldor


  • Crowdsourcing Campaign -920 eu currently, mostly big donations no small perks taken. Algoldor will send "direct" emails to formal sponsors (from last three big events) big Wednesday19th and will also try to send emails to people who participated at his workshops.
  • mug workshop - book two standard tables for the activity and space
  • asking orga (sending email) if they count on us with the tables and chairs: four round and eight rectangular tables plus 24 chairs.
  • pasta all'americana - prepared by Caterpillar2 coordianted with Bigmac, either lunch or dinner not sure yet
  • lefrog can bring dehydrator so jglauche
  • jglauche is working on the 3D printed fhb train, lots of time needed because the designs are nice in theory put reality is bit different thing. Electronic part is still waiting for finishing.
  • workshops - fhb distinguishes between workshops which are paid by fhb and the profit is shared with workshop giver and workshops which we may call "fhb hosted" where the person or group is taking care about expenses and sharing the surplus with fhb. In both cases it is suggested to share around 30% or plus of the surplus with fhb no matter what type of workshop or how the workshop or event is given. The 30% share includes also the perks for workshops/productrs from fhb crowdsourcing campaign. However there is not consensus still on the topic if the fhb covers the costs if there should be share with the workshop giver. Algoldor and bigmac differ on that so next week more discussion.