Meeting notes 2018 12 09

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Here you can find the meeting notes from our 44th meeting held on 9th of December 2018 at 20h00 on our #foodhackingbase channel, oftc network, IRC.


  • adding events to fhb wiki - names, workshop leaders, times in the schedule

  • People present: algoldor, Ben, Lefrog[m], bigmacfoobar, jglauche, 0x378, imaak, sproet

  • Ben will hold a workshop on beefjerky boxes (making them in the workshop) with material for 20 boxes
    • Ben will hold Beef Jerky Box workshop on Day 1 at 16:00, looking into preparing jerky for whisky tasting the same evening
    • dudle created, wiki pages are still work in progress

  • lefrog has no preference for the times of workshops "mead" and "beekeeping"

  • 200l fermentation barrel are NOT a go, from fhb money at least, might be scaled down to 50L

  • jglauche: train locomotive and bunch of tracks already printed, no wagons yet, waiting on motor for tests
    • some trouble with wet filament
    • jglauche asks for the (3D) design of a donation car for the train
    • four wagons to be printed

  • campaign status: 650 Euro in
    • incubator perk needs updating
    • algoldor wants to start promoting tomorrow morning
    • ikmaak takes back his pledge, since he can not be sure to show up
    • no bottles to be listed from ikmaak due to unknown attendance
    • sproet plans to bring homemade: cider, FigMe
    • extended goal 1.5k should be added

  • sproet working on mug design: ccc rocket
  • concerns that space might be smaller than last year
  • mailing list service appears to be unavailable, problems with the invitation for this meeting
  • estimated space for fhb at congress is 150m^2, status of projection space unclear
  • sign-in for lightning talks should be open soon (might already be open)