Meeting notes 2018 11 25

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Greetings to all, here you can find agenda and notes from our meeting 43rd meeting which happens on Sunday 25th of November at 20h00 at our #foodhackingbase channel, oftc network, IRC.


  • Crowd Sourcing Campaign - what should be the financial target, length of the campaign, most likely based at our wiki again, correct? Perks?
  • Costs of the event
    • €200-300 building material
    • €150-200 transport of equipment (Algoldor)
    • €100 first week budget
    • €400 big ingredient shopping
    • €100 fridges (2x€50, bought on the spot)

The start up budget should be around €1000, so that is the target of crowdsourcing campaign.

  • Probiotic Drinks Everywhere
  • Make your apple juice Algoldor! Like at 33c3 we could make fresh apple juice at the event. This time however it should be just small demonstration level. We would need a small press, we have one (Algoldor), small apple crasher (130 eu more or less) and some apples. Possible crasher device, or rather this one which Algoldor has experience with. Part of the activity will be testing of apple juice - specific gravity, pectines, pH etc.

  • Matthias, Jglauche - 3D printed train for fhb tasting events. 3D printed tracks, 3D printed locomotive body, power by electric engine and batteries.
  • Beef jerky boxes are coming along
  • algoldor: Aiming for 200l for probiotic drinks
  • We need one more normallz sized fridge in addition to those we want to buy on spot

Petit pressoir 1600 25112018.jpg