Meeting notes 2018 11 18

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This meeting will take place on Sunday 18th of November at 20h00 at our #foodhackingbase channel at oftc network, IRC.

People Present

  • Mrgnz, Ben, Algoldor, Jaga, jglauche, lefrog, Alexander

Agenda - Preparations for 35c3

  • crowdsourcing campaign - what is our financial goal, timing etc.
  • probiotic drinks everywhere (pde) - planning of the quantities, set up and all needed for the pde to happen at 35c3. Suggested by Algoldor
    • Algoldor: really nice water kefir based ginger beer with curcuma and quins.
    • Alexander: about 20l of Kombucha, no transportation yet.
  • ask bigmac for one ticket for 35c3, he is good with getting stuff, for Ben (beef jerky guy)
  • Workshops:
    • Algoldor: wants to do some workshops, not sure which ones yet.
    • Ben: dehydrator/beef jerky workshop for about 10-20 units.
    • Lefrog: maybe beekeping and/or mead workshop?
  • Lefrog: can bring around 40kg of honey (500g jars), suggested donation will be 7 EUR/jar