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Here you can find meeting notes from 31th meeting which happens on 17th of September at 20h00 at #foodhackingbase irc channel at oftc network.

People Present

jglauch, jaga, ikmaak, x378, algoldor, mrgnz


  • what we have liked and did not at sha2017, what can we do better?
    • some people who are new to fhb may not be as compatible as others and both sides should recognize that things are not well on time.
    • 20 l pasta pod where separation of water from pasta is easy to do
    • we have been on close to fully functional status quite quickly this time, decent performance already on the Day 0 (not mentioning all our experiments till than, it would be quite a line, come sooner next time!).
    • some people enjoyed the probiotic drinks everywhere fridge but many did not know about it or did not work how to use it.
    • we should have better food planning for day -2,-1, 0. We should have good, cold and easy to distribute food planned and stored.
  • future of fhb online presence - we need to discuss and decide about many things, inludcing updates of the wikies, storing photographs and more. Suggestion is to pay for a VPS server to host our own pictures, video's and other files, around 5 eu per month. We should look in the horizon of at least 2-3 years of service usage so it should be able to grow with us and our activities.
    • in general agree that we need VPS, around 5 eu or bit more per month is ok, ikmaak suggests to use soleus hosting as an option.
  • preparations for 34c3 - voucher distribution, updating on communication with 34c3 orga, aprons etc. One of the things which would be nice to make happen are aprons, embroidered if possible, 40-50 eu however for a piece in total.
    • We should make another fruit pressing event (and whatever can be pressed, if possible edible and drinkable)
    • jglauche and mrgnz discussed vegan cooking options for 34c3
    • Algoldor suggests to use fhb "logo" to help to help with costs of travel for Eunha, believe that we could get funds from donation based workshops at 34c3 and other activities/projects. Total travel costs are expected below 1000 eu. Algoldor wants to try and see how it goes, it would be really nice to have her.
  • Local Crop Processing Project - short overview what Algoldor would like to organize during this autumn concerning harvest and processing of apples and pears especially.
    • I'm bit late lets be honest in preparations for this autumn season for harvesting especially apples and pears for variety of purposes from cidre, vinegar making to drying etc. However I'm working on it and because I'm now currently working, I'm getting some cash from my own activity towards this project, however also external funding will be needed.
  • Status on Fermentation Mobile which was presented as talk at SHA2017 by Algoldor. The project was presented at sha2017 and I've vouched to make a functional version of mobile fermentation center ready to be presented at 34c3, hope fully in it's certified version. I'm earning some money so I can partly support the investments but I also have less time.
  • Experimental incubator shortly discussed between ikmaak and algoldor, it needs more time to be discussed.
  • Discussion about inviting or not Joe back to the group. Algoldor suggests there could be two sponsor system, if someone from the people who were actively involved in the last events would like to take responsibility and invite Joe back it is up to them, stating reasons would be good. Personally, I, Algoldor will not do that because I believe Joe's presence will not be a benefit for the group in the future. That is based on my past experience and it was covered in the emails on the topic of Joe leaving fhb before - you can check the archives.
    • Algoldor suggests the two sponsor option to the people who are in fhb for some time, they could vouch for Joe to come back. If there are no responses in next two weeks, Algoldor would suggest to pass on it and consider it closed, Joe is not coming back to the group. Algoldor may try to find the time to find the info of the previous conversations at our publicly accessible mailing list - we went through that in length but I do not know where it is. I think it was both public and of course internally discussed.