Meeting notes 2017 12 17

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Here you can find agenda and meeting notes from our meeting which takes place on Sunday 17/12 at 20h00 - #foodhackingbase channel at oftc network, IRC, info will be shared here.

People present - Bigmac, Jglauche, Alexander, Ben, Algoldor.


  • Crowdsourcing Campaign - at the moment we have 820 eu, Algoldor needs to make clearer estimation of expenses for fhb for ingredients and projects which he brings and shares compared to donation - he plans to do 100 eu, two hungry hackers (Eunha and him)
  • general build up - electricity is fine based on bigmac's opinion, we need to check on light situation, we will have water/sink installed by 34c3 orga so that is fine too
  • three electric pans, one grillet, one one plate stove, one electric two plate stove and one induction stove (Bigmac and Algoldor bring). Algoldor suggest to check for second hand induction top stove with electric oven sourced locally.
  • we will have microwave, kitchen robot/blender and hand blender, we need to get more cutting boards
  • Teardown - starting around 14h00 most likely. People who can help - Ben, Bigmac, Algoldor, Alexander, maybe Eunha.
  • Food served by fhb for fhb - breakfast 9h00-11h00, lunch 12h00-14h00 and dinner 18h00-19h30, times needs to be confirmed.
  • We will have two power drills, jig saw, wooden saw and bigmac will try to get decently priced screws for table making.