Meeting notes 2017 12 03

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Here you can find meeting notes from fhb meeting for 34c3.

Present: Algoldor, Kliment, Alexandr, 0x378, mrgnz


  • send email to 34c3 orga about our presence at the event, done by Algoldor, Bigmac copied 3/12/2017
  • probiotic drinks everywhere - All drinks plastic bottles only as usually. Algoldor and Cherbourg fermentation group started fermentation of 100 l of probiotic beverages: 50 l of kombucha, 25 l of water kefir base and 25 l of milk kefir base. Alexander is thinking about 10-20 l of kombucha beverage.
  • crowdsourcing campaign - Algoldor will make base of the crowdsourcing page tomorrow on our fhb wiki page, by Wednesday 6/12/2017 we should have it read and start to promote it.
  • experimental incubator project - we need minimum two complete sets for 34c3 including functional incubator chambers, talk to bigmac about that - we could use the small fridges which we got at 34c3. Not sure how much we advanced on the new design which will be not using the old board which we developed.
  • arrivals - 0x378 - 27th of December, Algoldor 23th of December
  • departures - Algoldor 30 or 31/1/2017, mrgnz - evening 30/12