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Here you can find agenda and later on meeting notes for fhb meeting which will happen on Sunday 26/2 at 13:00 CET at IRC, oftc network and our #foodhackingbase channel.

  • Agenda
    • fermentation trailer - Algoldor is preparing Fermentations_mobile project which would serve both for educational and commercial purpose. We are now discussing how much it should be part of fhb, how much independent only with fhb as umbrella and of course how to do it technically and legally.
    • next fhb event - sprig, where and when?
    • fhb presence at SHA2017

Meeting Notes

    • fermentation trailer - Algoldor is updating on the progress of the project preparations, sharing the Fermentations_mobile link. At the moment I'm investigating what is the best legal entity for the project and checking on the costs of the set up, trailer is most likely only option possible now due to the low funds. Bigmac points out that the legal entity or at least "trailer license type" should be chosen in a such way that it would apply in as many EU counties without any complication as possible. Asking the MackenBurgers, the group which is doing catering for CCC and other events would be a good thing to do. Here is some info about requirements of Food Trucks in Germany shared by mrgnz. Alexander likes the idea of mobile fermentation lab.
    • experimental incubator - Bigmac is using previous generation of the incubator set up as 12 V relay board set up to switch 12 V heating element and water pump (car set up). The set up is used generally for sous vide 63°C cooking. Mrgnz is interested in getting involved and getting his kit, soldering is not a problem for him. Algoldor plans to set up whole incubator very soon, probably first based on water bath principle with heater and pump for water circulation.
    • next fhb event - we could do international hackathon of fhb friendly places, it is also "International Open Day For Hackerspaces 25/3/2017". The idea would be to run variety of food, drink and bio related activities, promoting them and getting some funds for the local places and hopefully also a bit for fhb general budget.