Meeting Notes 2017 6 29

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Here you will find agenda and later on meeting notes from the fhb meeting hold on 29/6/2017. Next meeting will be hold on Thursday 6/7/2017 at 20:00 at our #foodhackingbase IRC channel at oftc network.



  • Pizza Village project - discussing requirements and suitability for fhb
    • Suggested - create for the pizza project separate entity/village and they will join the cluster with us and milliways (and Italian Embasssy). We should decide on the amount of space the project needs and other requirements like washing space, electricity etc. So far info is 5x10 m tent should be enough concerning the space, 32A, 16A x 2

for electricity (preliminary OK'ed by team power), fhb, Milliways and pizza village would be in a same cluster, we will promote at fhb the pizza project so they get more hands to help with making it happen.

  • fhb crowdsourcing campaign SHA2017 - goal for crowdsourcing campaign will be €2500, 20x €100 admission to all, tarting date 5/7/2017. Bigmac will be preparing bitcoin wallets and other stuff needed for payments.
  • collaboration with Belgium village during SHA2017 - what can/shall be done together and how. One idea is to make resupplies trips together.
  • Algoldor is asking for €200 for ingredients for making angel balls (organic green tea powder mostly) and egg cognac (rum).
  • renting beer tables - 6x sets and chairs 40x, Bigmac will take care about that
  • design and ordering of fhb sha2017 labels - Sproet is OK to do the design and of the fhb sha2017 specific stickers, we will order around 250x for €21
  • design and ordering of fhb sha2017 aprons - not decided yet, Algoldor is thinking about taking care about this - investigating on prices for good quality organic cotton aprons etc.