Meeting Notes 2017 6 08

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Here you can find the meeting notes of the fhb meeting hold on 8/6/2017, main topic is preparation for SHA2017.

Present: Algoldor

Agenda: SHA2017

  • Contacting village orga about fhb location - email send no answer so far, maybe we should check with Webmind who is still part of the village orga team (will be done by algoldor before next fhb meeting)
  • Sending email to the fhb list asking people who come to sha2017 to sign in to our fhb village and get involved in preparations for the event (done before next meeting by algoldor)
  • Finishing the first phase of Foodhackingbase village sha2017 wiki page build up (algoldor and others, done before 17/6/2017)
  • There is a suggestion for limiting the sign up system for the workshops. One of the proposals (by algoldor) is to have two thirds of the spots bookable and one third for walk ins - as a general option. Also there are different opinions about giving out time slots for workshops now compared to do it later on. By the rule of the thumb person giving the workshop decided the details about sign up and walk ins. Time slots has to be discussed.
  • We need to follow more in detail the SHA2017 orga meetings, next one is on 24/6/2017 at 14:00.