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Here you can find agenda and notes from the 25/5/2017 meeting of fhb, focused mostly at SHA2017. Next meeting Next meeting will be on 25/5/2017 at 20:00 at our #foodhackingbase channel, oftc network at IRC.

People present:

Meeting notes

  • Algoldor will provide link to a sink which he things will would be best for fhb at sha
  • we will need to spend extra money on gas burners (single ring, multiple rings) and bottles plus the reserve bottles
  • we need to get induction stove(s)
  • Bigmac will have a look for a big sink
  • make a list of spendings for sha
  • prepare order for high quality (probably cotton) cooking aprons
  • get access codes from uberspaces
  • do admin work on our wiki and take care about the logos change

Meetings notes from 24/5/2017 - meeting of Algoldor and Bigmac

  • talk to SHA2017 orga about space which we need for fhb (20x30 m if possible in total), how much power we can get (64 amp if possible, 32 amp at least), can we get fresh drinking water and drainage for grey water, for both electricity and water do we need to bring it from “far” if so how far?
  • bigmac got 64 amp mushroom and another outdoor electricity gear for fhb
  • crowdsourcing platform set up, date to start to run the campaign around 15/6. bigmac will have a look on some page build up, we will not use Indiegogo again because of not being very happy with it, we should be able to receive most of the types of donations quite easily through Marcel - PayPal bank transfers, credit card payments bitcoin etc.
  • beer tables and benches (where to rent, when to do the booking, how many for how much)
  • bigmac may be able to get three double door fridges for 50 € each to buy and if returned 25 € would be reimbursed
  • Algoldor suggests to buy one more 5x10 m tent for around 550 eu for the event (if we get enough space)
  • access to all passes for 100 € should be offered, 10-20x we need to discuss the number which should be adjusted to the number of fhb people coming and willing to do stuff at fhb
  • we will have wood and boards from 33c3 ready for SHA2017, bigmac is storing them, it will cut our standard spending for these materials by 200-300 eu if not more
  • we need to do the list of spendings for SHA2017
  • not mentioned during the meeting but Algoldor would be very happy to get some nice professional big double stainless steel sink which would make the washing of stuff much more easy and which could be later on used for brewing projects