Meeting Notes 2017 5 11

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Here you can find meeting notes from 11/5/2017 meeting.


  • fhb presence at SHA2017
  • fhb presence at summer and autumn events 2017
  • experimental incubator
  • fermentation mobile

Present - algoldor, Jglauche, mrgnz

  • fhb presence at SHA2017

We need to discuss who is coming to the event (tickets already purchased etc.), when arriving and what the people would be OK to do before and during the event at fhb. When do we start crowdsourcing campaign, what should be the budget/target (self hosting of campaign yes or no), who will be involved etc.


  • experimental incubator - mrgnz asks about details of the cable needed to program the arduino, he has issues to find out the specific cable for programming the arduino pro mini, cable details should be FTDI-cable CP2101HX. He has posted to the experimental incubator mailing list so I hope it will work out.
  • fhb presence at SHA2017 - who is coming? Algoldor, Jglauche, Kliment, Sproet, Sawugo, Bigmac, who else? At the moment having similar size as at previous recent hacker events is OK = 10x15 or 15x15 m of total space for fhb installation, nice experimental kitchen, two workshop venues (10x and 15-20x people), washing station etc.