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Here you can find agenda and later on meeting notes for and from fhb meeting which happened on Sunday 19/3/2017 at 13:00 CET at IRC, oftc network and our #foodhackingbase channel. The subsequent meeting will be on Sunday 26/3/2017 at 13:00 CET at IRC, oftc network and our #foodhackingbase channel, please check the date and time later on for the possible changes.

  • Agenda
    • fermentation mobile - Algoldor will be updating on the progress of the Fermentation Mobile. He thinks that he is actually getting the stuff moving.
    • next fhb event - is part of the International Open Day For Hackerspaces 25/3/2017", what are we doing?
    • experimental incubator - Algoldor send incubator kit to mrgnz on Monday 13/3/2017 it was received and paid. We need to discuss the update of the pages and longer term direction of the project, goals, who is going to take care about which "departments" etc. We should progress on this before 19/3/2017 meeting.
    • fhb presence at SHA2017 - Algoldor would like to suggest organizing cooling trailer and splitting the costs between fhb, fermentation mobile and general public, hoping also that the "fermentation mobile" trailer could be stationed close to fhb if the group is OK with that - it would have variety of positives. He is contacting different teams for the SHA2017 orga.
    • Cider gathering 1-3/6/2017 in České Budějovice - Algoldor is starting to plan event with cider being it's main topic. Place and time are still being discussed. He would like to use fhb channels to help with organization and promotion - using our wikies for the event mostly, maybe meeting at IRC to discuss stuff etc.

Meeting Notes

  • algoldor reports on the fermentation mobile - not real progress this week, next week he hopes to do better, focusing on getting more info and help with choosing proper legal structure
  • International Open Hackerspace Day and fhb events - Algoldor is organizing "Open Fermentation Day" in La Cherche - tempeh workshop, fermentation healing table and friend will do screening of movie which he took in South Africa.
  • Algoldor is at the first stages of organizing cider meeting in Czech Republic, so far it looks on 1-3/6/2017 in Ceske Budejovice. He would like to ask fhb for umbrella, more details about the project will be shared with the group soon, latest by our next meeting.
  • there is a suggestion of changing the meeting time from Sunday to one of the evening during the working week. Jglauche is OK, Algoldor too, not more comments so far. - bigmac is also for it