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Next meeting of Food Hacking Base (fhb) will happen on Sunday 12/2/2017 at 13:00 CET at IRC, oftc network at #foodhackingbase channel.

Agenda for the meeting:

  • fhb presence at Maker Faire Ruhr - creation of fhb wiki for the event, who is coming, our organization and projects
  • fhb preparations for SHA2017
  • experimental incubator 4 ("Just") installation and testing
  • fermentation truck or trailer project for 2017

People present: Algoldor, Bigmac, Sproet

Notes from the meeting:

  • FHB at Maker Faire Ruhr 2017
    • Algoldor, Bigmac, Sproet and SawuGo will be present, however the later two are going to be busy with their ring activities.
    • the event starts each day at 10:00, and the doors are closed at 18:00
    • Sushi activities will done on Saturday morning and as a sushi lunch the same day
    • DIY Absinthe tasting will be done and kits will be present
    • cupcake decorations or chocolate made in molds are options - nice, sweet and quick but constant attention needed
    • bigmac and algoldor will make batch of kimchi for tasting, not sure about how to make it during the event it may take too long
    • crepe activities will be done as lunch of the day 2
    • each day we will have one morning and one afternoon activity, lunch in the middle of the day
  • fhb preparations for SHA2017
    • we should buy at least one more 5x10 m tent, this is the one which we got before, best price so far bought through Netherlands
    • bigmac plans to come one week in advance, day 6 or so if possible
    • cooled container for freshly made juice should be organized
    • we could provide people for people as soon as we are set up, donations welcome
    • suggested amounts of portions during the event are 20x for breakfast, 30x lunch and 40x for dinner, after the dinner is free reign, donations should be collected to cover at least the cost of ingredients
    • cooling trailer should be arranged, donation based style like for the other project at 2015 camp could be used. The trailer will be needed for the commercial beverage stand
    • the open trailer can be used by fhb till sha2017, after that unclear
  • experimental incubator
    • Algoldor is using the fourth generation already, however only the temperature measuring function, connecting the heating device has to be sorted
  • fermentation truck or trailer 2017
    • Algoldor wants to create fermentation truck or trailer which would be done as a open source project and would allow legal sale of drinks and foods.
    • bigmac is not interested in getting involved but is fine with this happening
    • Algoldor thinks that all the legal stuff related to the project should be done on his name because fhb doesn't have legal entity yet, but he would like to promote it through fhb and use the fhb umbrella for the project
  • Next meeting of Food Hacking Base (fhb) will happen on Sunday 12/2/2017 at 13:00 CET at IRC, oftc network at #foodhackingbase channel.