Meeting Notes 2016 12 11

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When the time comes here will be notes and info for and from the meeting held most likely on Sunday 11/12/2016 at 18:00 CET at our #foodhackingbase channel at oftc network at IRC.

FHB members present

Algoldor, Sproet, Bobson, Jglaouche, Bigmac, Zaerc


  • Preparations for 33c3
  • 33c3 crowdsourcing campaign, report on progress.

We reached 45% (545 eu of the 1200 eu goal) within first 9 days or so, with 20 days (15 before 33c3 starts) still to go. I believe we can get over 2000 eu before the event starts if we work harder in promotion.

  • status of buying Algoldor's car which is going to be used for fhb activities (string attached to the donation for this project). I'm in the process of buying Renault R21 Nevada (combi/station vagon) for 400 eu, it should last hopefully for year to two, not more I think. I'm investigating on the insurance, taxes etc. and the ability to pull the trailer. The car battery was dead so I already invested to replacement (42.5 eu from our budget). There will be need for buying new or used winter tires (+-250 eu all four wheels). Concerning the trailer, new in Netherlands is around 1000 eu (with break system), used in good condition around 600 eu. We need to find more info about the license plates etc.
  • fhb presence at Seidenstrasse
  • fhb sticker order: 1000 regular (45mm) = €59.31; 1000 with 33c3 (45mm) = €59.31, 1000 small ones (20mm) = €96.71, total around €220, we did not decided yet where to order it - we need shipping address, delivery may take up to 6 working days. Possible places to order from: 123sticker (nl)