Meeting Notes 2016 12 04

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Here is the agenda and notes from the Sunday 4/12/2016 meeting which happens at 18:00 CET on IRC oftc nework at our #foodhackingbase channel.

Present: Algoldor, Zaerc, Alexander, Ofosos


  • Labels for CCC - Zaerc will work on that.

- we are thinking about ordering around 500x labels of standard size (300x general fhb, 200 event specific( and around 2000x of small size ones, these ones probably only generic ones or split not sure yet.

  • Crowdsourcing Campaign on - updated on the status

- asking to get help with updates and promoting of the fhb campaign.. We need to make "muster/template" which is saying what is supposed to be done everyday concerning the campaign, how to promote and when. Ofosos promised to help with the posting/promoting on Wednesday 7/12 and Thursday 8/12.

  • Who has time and when to help with preparations for 33c3 and during the event. Ofosos can dedicate 21 and 22/12 for prep and since 26/12 (we need to sort out his access to fhb at least); Zaerc is thinking about coming early maybe around one week in advance. Alexander is having time since 19/12-ish, Algoldor will be present in Hamburg and fully available at least one week or 10 days before day 0. Accommodation for Algoldor, Zaerc and probably Brabo has to be sorted, we need to work on that soon.