Meeting Notes 2016 11 27

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Here you can find the notes from the meeting on 27/11/2016.


Algoldor, Bigmac, Alexander


Preparations for #33c3

  • updates on fhb location at 33c3. We have been granted location at the roof of Hall H, witch means we are part of the main CCC event being directly at the spot (big hurraaa and thanks to CCC orga)! Size of our Food Hacking Base (fhb) assembly) was not determined officially yet but we were asking in advance for at least 10x10 meters, more if possible.

At the moment CCC will provide for us:

    • location/space
    • electricity (32amp) connection (we should have our own splitter/mushroom).

We have to sort all the rest which includes:

    • tents, currently we have two 5x10 tents (which we used at the 2015 CCC camp and other events), one extra would be perfect (if we are granted 10x15 space). Algoldor will be coordinating the transportation of the tents to the event and from the event.
    • running water and drainage - we have been already warned that it will be probably not easy, so we need to get ready for this.
    • heating of the tents, which is a must, suggested option are electric heaters (radiation based) which we need to source by ourselves (most likely rent, around €50 per week per piece I believe).
    • all the utilities, equipment, furniture etc. which we need for out activities. Algoldor is going to coordinate the transportation of the fhb equipment from Czech Republic to Hamburg and after the event to whatever location we decide on.
    • garbage/waste disposal, which we need to minimize still it can be easily around €150-200 so we need to budget for that
    • we should state exact fhb location at our assembly page at 33c3 wiki and also on our fhb 33c3 wiki.
  • Crowdsourcing Campaign - suggested day of starting 28-30/11/2016, dead line for the campaign 19/12/2016 (or later?). Algoldor will prepare the structure. Current campaign goal is €1500, flexible funding - these two points (plus campaign length) can not be changed after the campaign is started which will be in next few days. As before Bigmac is being suggested as the primary contact for finances but it has to be rechecked with him because of his business.
  • Fhb Labels for 33c3. We need to print fhb labels for 33c3. There are two types which we should have - generic fhb label and specific fhb 33c3 label. Here is link to the generic fhb logo, however I'm not sure if the fonts are licensed properly. Here is the 32c3 version of our logo which is fine concerning licensing. We need new design for the 33c3 logo, Algoldor would suggest to go easy and just use the same template like for 32c3 changing only the 32c3 sign for 33c3 sign done, who could help with that? We should make sure that our generic fhb logo is fine concerning license agreements (fonts) and if all is good, we can print. We need to make sure we have the final logos in proper format. There are several services which can be used for printing: StickerSale (Netherlands), stickermonster which is expensive but "ethical" (Germany), another one but similar stickma which is also expensive but ethical (Germany), plus wirmachendruck and flyeralarm which are both cheaper (and also German services).

Experimental incubator - status

At the moment we have twenty professionally made printed circuit boards (PCB's) sourced from China, already delivered to us. Arnd is now in the process of checking them (I believe that this is done already and they passed) and ordering/receiving components for the boards. The aim is to have around fifteen kits ready for the congress (if possible soldered) for the price of €25 each (paid to Arnd who has funded the components). If possible all the 15x kits plus the possibly other 5x PCB's should be "gone" by the end of the congress so we are clean concerning investment - which is roughly around €400-500. The kit by itself includes: PCB, Arduino Pro Mini, USB-connector, RTC-module, pin-headers (single), three-pin screw-terminals, buttons, double pin-headers, dupont-wire, LCD+ I2C module and temperature-sensor(s). We have to discuss relays and h-bridges, peltier heating is definitely not included in the package. Algoldor promised to bring at least one operational unit which means the brain, sensoric apparatus and functional heating/cooling unit so in other words complete experimental incubator.