Meeting Notes 2016 09 25

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By Monday 26th of October if not sooner you can find here meeting notes from Sunday 25th of October 13:00 CET meeting which took place at our #foodhackingbase channel at oftc network.

Topics for the meeting:

  • what are our needs for venue if we can not be at 33c3 main venue (lets call it fhb colony (fhbc) for short
  • fhbc venue options if not allowed to be at 33c3 and who could check on them in the field (talk to ofosos)
  • distribution of the tokens which we got among the group and possibly for someone who we consider important and was participating/supporting us in the past - the person needs to be related to our group, at least should participate with us at this event
  • signing in projects and their budget requirements - discussing criteria of what to do, who should promote it, who should run what, type of funding etc. This will be regular topic for next two months or so. As before it would be good to make deadline for signing in projects, at least the main ones, before we run crowdsourcing campaign to meet the budget more easily. I would say that end of November latest.

People Present


  • Cheese Rendezvous. Suggested name for the event - "Cheese Rendezvous, Cheese and wine around nine." We could do three main sessions as before starting around 20:00 or bit earlier, finishing latest at 23:00. There could be a children session during the kids day during the day with lighter cheeses plus few stronger to get their "buds started" as sproet says. We should use again the train. Concerning the cheeses Sawugo and sproet are happy to join again buying some in Netherlands and lead at least one session. We should find another two people for other two session, Algoldor would like to do one session. This time we should get list of basic cheeses which will be presented and make a short story about them which we present at the event. We should get name, taste, history and notes as a basic info - we need to make template. In this way we could make 20-30 cheeses as a basis group with proper info and us/session leaders/presenters learning them properly so the event goes again a bit up in it's quality.

Next weeks meeting

  • preliminary date is Sunday 2nd of October at 13:00 CET at our #foodhackingbase channel at oftc network, meeting notes will be shared here Meetings Notes 2/10/2016. Please keep in mind that up to Wednesday or Thursday the date may be changed.