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Workshops are our main activity official ones or spontaneous. We do our best to serve as an open platform for the community to both profit by learning more as a group but also to share our experience. We do not really have some special rules but rather a set of "worked for us (or not)" guidelines. If you are interested, especially in giving a workshop, please do check them out.

Workshop organizers

Over the years we have been helping people to make workshops happen. As many of you already know, making your first workshop happen at bigger events may seem as a challenge, using a platform which is there for these purposes can make a big difference, even if you are already experienced workshop giver. The idea is to coordinate with you, workshop organizer, so you can share what you would like to do with the community. We share the community which already know about us so it is more easy to diffuse your project and we provide the place and the general equipment. We ask to coordinate in advance so we can find out if the project fits in our activities, proper time slot, specific needs to make it happen concerning equipment and ingredients and it's financial requirements. So far the person giving the workshop either pays for the workshop costs and if in plus shares some resources with the FHB (generally suggested amount is 30% of profit or more if she/he is OK with it) and if in minus the FHB covers up the minus, however previous discussion is important. Second option is that the FHB provides the resources for the workshop and again we share the profit or the FHB covers the minus, in this case coordination is even more important. Try to talk to us in advance by writing to our mailing list, IRC or contact anyone from the FHB group who is involved with the event, like Algoldor etc. It is important to mention that so far our workshops are mostly donation at your will no one turned away for lack of funds based. For some events we have some places, like 30% booked for suggested donation as our crowdsourcing campaign perks, we have been experimenting lately also with keeping around 30% places open for walk ins. Important to keep in mind are both "access to all" perk holders who are welcome to any of our events but politely asked to book themselves in advance, generally between 10-20 people in total, so it may be two to four persons per workshop. Please do come at least around 30 minutes before the workshop, honestly hour doesn't hurt, each workshop is different but it takes time to prepare and less stress better. When the workshop is done, the workshop venue should be in it's original state, nice and clean for the next event.


If you like to participate in our workshops, we recommend you to keep an eye on "The List of FHB Events" at the main page or check the main MCH 2022 event program. For most of the workshops you can sign up in advance, we ask you to come fifteen minutes earlier or so, it helps to keep things smooth. Helping with workshop set up and clean up afterwards is very appreciated! The majority of the workshops are based on donation at your will no one turned away for lack of funds and the profit which is made is shared between the workshop organizer and the FHB on a case by case basis. We also ask during the workshops if you are OK to share your nick name or name with us and contact like email so we can get in touch with you when promoting next event for example, it is like twice per year or so. We respect the CCC photo policy so we ask before we take photos if you are OK with that or not. Should the person taking photos forget this, please remind them!

Workshop Venues

We have two workshop venues for MCH 2022 - Workshop Venue I., which is for 10-15 people and is more for hands on workshops and Workshop Venue II. which is bigger holding up to 25 people or so, dedicated especially for tasting events. For more info please check FHB departments.