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Pro verzi v češtině prosím klikněte zde.

The aim os this meeting is to gather people and parties interested in fermentation in a collaborative atmosphere at same time and space.


The aim of this meeting is to exchange knowledge, experience strengthening the social networks within the fermentation movement on the local, national and also international level. The event should help to promote art and science of fermentation in Czech Republic, Bohemia in a long term. It is an opportunity to discuss, plan and organize activities and projects which will benefit both professionals and amateurs but also general public interested in this field. Based on experience small to medium scale artisanal production together with voluntary organizations benefits the variety of projects and quality of products therefore we would like to promote those hoping also in their participation at this event. By joining us you will support our efforts for sustainable development of fermentation activities in Bohemian region and further.

Kombucha SCOBY
Tempeh made in cloth
Cabbage kimchi making
Elderflower/Fleur de sureau
Kefir cake!


  • 17/11 (Friday) 8h00 - Meeting and welcoming of the Participants - In front of the main entrance to CAS Branišovská 31, České Budějovice
  • 17/11 8h30 - Joining walking trip to Kleť of the Faculty of Science, JCU, social event (around eight hours)
  • 18/11 (Saturday) 10h00 - Opening Speech - Kvasy Kolem Nás a v Nás, Language: Czech, presenter: František Algoldor Apfelbeck
  • 18/11 14h00 - Kimchi making, hands on workshop (or demo workshop), language: Czech/English, animateur: František Algoldor Apfelbeck. Sign in here.
  • 18/11 20h00 - Cidre Flows, cidre tasting event, language: Czech/English, animateur: František Algoldor Apfelbeck (or co-animateur, Christophe Bouvet would be better option, patron de la cidrerie Ferme du Vastel. Sign in here.
  • 19/11 10h00 - Kombucha is Easy, hands on workshop (or demo workshop), language: Czech/English, animateur: František Algoldor Apfelbeck. Sign in here.
  • 19/11 14h00 - Cheese Rendezvous, cheese tasting event, language: Czech/English, animateur: František Algoldor Apfelbeck (it would be very nice if another person truly dedicated to cheese could be animating the event as well). Sign in here.
  • 19/11 17h00- Farewell Speech - person should be suggested

Goals and principles

  • be excellent to each other

- use your common sense when interacting with other people around you trying to be empathetical about their needs and feelings

  • volunteer organizational structure

- the event should be volunteer run therefore people involved will be donating their time, energy and skill towards the project, no one is payed

  • non commercial base

- this event doesn't have commercial aims. It may use donations or "payments" from private sector but it should do without at any moment.

  • donation based funding

- main funding sources in the future should be rather smaller size donations by the community. Combination with a grant schemes to a degree should be considered.

  • entrance - donation at your will, no one turned away for lack of funds.

- whoever wants to participate should have that opportunity as long as the capacity allows. Future "system of ticketing/entrance fees" should be discussed during and after the first event.


  • 40-70 participants per presentation expected max (probably less)
  • 15-20 participants limit per hands on workshops (can be changed to demo workshops, than the capacity increases to 20-30 max), venue for hands on workshop may be an issue - electricity, running water, drainage, working tables etc. demo event can be done much more easily and nearly anywhere. For the workshops sign in system is recommended maybe in combination with walks in quota - for example 15 places dedicated to sign in, 10 places kept for walks in.
  • 20-25 participants limit per tasting event, if there is higher demand extra session should be planned, more than 20-25 people per session change the dynamic and atmosphere and generally not for better.