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Workshop manual is shared here.

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This is hands on workshop where your learn how to prepare Korean 김치 (kimchi). You will do at least two types of kimchies based on wild/spontaneous fermentation. We will see what type of nice vegetables we will get. Highly likely we will do cabbage kimchi (배추 김치) and then either radish, topinambur or turnip kimchi.

The preparation of vegetable ferments in Korea, called “kimchies”, is an ancient fermentation skill based on spontaneous fermentation (naturally occurring lactic acid producing bacteria among the others) and variety of ingredients added. This workshop is a hands-on experience that reviews the basics of Korean kimchi making and today's preparation styles. We will go through the main topics which are salt to vegetables and liquid ratio and when to apply it and how. This one is crucial. We will explain the importance of the effect of ginger, garlic and spicy pepper and their roles in preventing unwanted microbial development. Part of this workshop is tasting of kimchi samples so you get idea what should your results taste like. You will be leaving with jar of kimchi and knowledge how to make your own.

This workshop is based on "donation at your will no one turned away for lack of funds". Part of the workshop benefits goes towards fhb budget and hopefully larger part towards Algoldor's pocket to cover participation costs at EMF 2024 event and if some extras are accumulated, then towards current and future fermentation projects.