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Fermented Kefir Cake!
Milk kefir grain

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Workshop manual is shared here.

This is hands on workshop where you learn how to work with your kefir grain culture and make your own kefir. You will walk away with life kefir grains, if you don't defend yourself too hard. We will explain basic concepts of probiotic, prebiotic and biofilm based polycultures and why it is good to consume foods “labeled” by these terms. You will prepare your own kefir culture, based on the working manual and take it with you so you will be ready to brew wherever you decide. We will make two or three recipes together, most likely kefir smoked paprika spread, "kefir cake" or if we have time base for probiotic kefir drink using kefir whey. The main aim of this workshop is for the participants to understand the principles behind the milk fermentation with kefir culture and not to be afraid to just do it. Combined with the practical experience which I provide you will be able to take care properly about your kefir culture which is the key for your successful long term fermentation adventures! Don't worry too much about loosing a batch or two, that happens from time to time, keeping the "mother culture" happy is the important part. As usually there will be tasters, cultures sharing and manuals and various hints. I can be also your troubleshooting help if you need it.

This workshop is based on "donation at your will no one turned away for lack of funds". Part of the workshop benefits goes towards fhb budget and hopefully larger part towards Algoldor's pocket to cover participation costs at EMF 2024 event and if some extras are accumulated, then towards current and future fermentation projects.