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FM Model
Photo by Rudolf Stricker

This page is dedicated to the future Fermentation Mobile Crowdsourcing Campaign which will be happening probably during spring 2019 (it was postponed).

Campaign status

  • Total amount desired: eur 3000.00
  • Number of donations: 0
  • Total amount received/pledged: eur 0.00
  • Updated - did not started yet

We, Food Hacking Base (fhb) are group of people who are into food, drink and bio experimenting and well hacking. Since 2011 CCC camp at Finwfurt we come together at both bigger or smaller hacker events promoting these activities. We create open hub based on donation at your will, no one turned away for lack of funds, be excellent to each other. After years of discussions, planning and preparations, we want to set up Fermentation Mobile Centre. It will help us to improve the quality of our experimental and educational activities and make our work more easy and efficient. Importantly it will also greatly help with transportation of our equipment and stuff to and from the events which with our growing size wasn't lately exactly easy. Hygienic and certification will result in more doors opened to us and also at least partly legally protect us. It will be used both by FHB and one of the co-founders, František (Algoldor), who will invest majority of the capital and will take care about regular upkeep. You will be able to "taste the fruits" of Fermentation Mobile a bit at 35c3 and especially CCC summer camp 2019 and later. If you liked what we have been doing, please consider supporting us by spreading the word and of course if you can financially. Every little bit counts and we can promise that when this baby is ready we will rock and roll! Once more thank you for your support and enjoy the variety of our donation options!

We need to collect around €3 000 of the minimal €8 000 investments


If you want to support this project you will be able to donate by paypal, bank transfer etc. details will be shared here later on

Extra Info

Fermentation Mobile project page is the place where to find more info about this project, it has been dedicated to this activity quite for some time.

However lets explain a bit why is this project important, time line and so on. Well long story short when we get this it will make our life much more easy concerning transportation to and from the events, this has been an issue for years. Now we will have decent car which we know will make the trip without problems, we know it's capacity and we know it will be available for us. The carrying capacity is reason for extra length so we keep the experimental kitchen operational and we would have enough space to bring other things necessary for the event. I do not say it will be at fhb events for ever but for first few to several years they will have priority. When we make it to the event we are generally early and we need to set up just in few persons on temporary location before we are allowed to the spot dedicated to fhb for the event, this is not easy. We will have a decent set up from the day minus many, experimental kitchen on the spot which will be available immediately, with stoves, equipment for cooking, refrigeration etc. That is a big help. Also the idea is that the whole kitchen can be easily taken out and returned later on. The three 2.8 or 3 l engine which I suggest should allow for bringing extra cooling trailer unit in the future, which would be just lovely, refrigeration at the events has been quite a challenge for us for years. I plan to insure the car in a manner that also other people can drive it, details needs to be discussed. Importantly I plan to pass the certifications for legal production and sale of fermented products, for the start non alcoholic ones. This should give us some extra openings for variety of events and also protection if something goes wrong. Of course there will be insurance set up, details will need to be discussed.