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Selection of ciders and condiments

To secure spot on tasting session I. 31/8/2018 please sign in here.

To secure spot on tasting session II. 1/9/2018 please sign in here.

Cider is an ancient alcoholic beverage prepared from apple juice fermented by variety of yeast and bacteria. During this session we will talk a bit about it's history, today's situation from different points of views and of course we will taste variety of both high but also lower quality product. Both sessions will walk you through the basics. You will learn what you should be focusing on when tasting the beverage, what to expect based on what do you see on the label on the bottle - sweetness, bitterness/tardiness, acidity depending on the region et cetera.Session one will focus more on French cidres, session two on English ciders.

Please note that you are going to drink at least half litre or rather over a litre of 4-5% alc. beverage in an average so you will feel it. We will have of course something to eat during the session so that should help. We will document most of the ciders on the table so you will be able to track them down, especially if you take notes which we would highly recommend. If you made or if you know some interesting ciders please do bring it in! Do not waste your time with bringing the international cheap chemical stuff which we all already unfortunately know ...

This event is based on donation at your will no one turned away for lack of funds. As other events which I'm coordinating at EMF 2018 the profit will go towards the fermentation mobile project, so if you can, try to support it is for a good thing! Of course part of the project is harvest of apples and making the cidre from them in this season 2018, so if all goes well by your donation you will fund partly a cidre which you will drink at CCC Camp 2019.

List of possible candidates

Cidre Name Producer Amount Country of origin Person Trafficking it Notes
Lemasson Cidrerie Lemasson 2x750 ml Cotentin, Normandie, France Algoldor brut, 4.5% alc, brewer Damien Lemasson, produced at a la Ferme du Vaucher
Le Paf Ferme du Vastel 2x 750 ml Le Vas, Cottentan, France, Normandie Algoldor demi-sec, bio, high quality, hand picked, wild fermented, season 2014
Théo Capelle, Cidre Cotentin Théo Capelle 2x750 ml Sotteville, Cotentin, Normandie, France Algoldor brut, 4.5% alc. well known producer in Cotentin producer, also bio production
Poiré Domfront Catherine et Frédéric Pacory 1x 750 ML Earl des Grimaux, 61350 Mantilly Algoldor 4% alc. poiré, standard +- 4 eu price per bottle
Cidre Rosé - Le Clos Fleuri Cidrerie de la Brique 2x 750 ml Route de la Brique, Saint-Joseph, 50700 Algoldor rosé, 3% alc. big scale production
Titanic Cidrerie Pére Mahieu 2x 750 ml Hameau les Mesles, Bricquebosq, 50340 Algoldor extra brut, 5%, biologic, smaller production
Dancing Drop Cidre Food Hacking Base 1x 750 ml Val de Saire Algoldor brut, bio, hand picked, wild fermentation, 2017 season

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