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This page is dedicated to the preparations for 31c3 which happens at the end of December 2014, most likely again in Hamburg. There are few notes which we should consider for our planning. After lets say preliminary talks with the orga team (beginning of June) they have made a hint that "just food preparation etc." is not too important to the curriculum of CCC congress. It looks like that going more experimental and focusing on technology and science of hacking within the food, beverage and bio hacking would be welcomed. We have started to go this way after OHM2013 with 30c3 being much less about "cooking and catering" and rather about workshops and education how to do stuff. If we further add more tech and science and importantly talk and coordinate with the people involved in bio hacking in general, we should be able to consent with orga again. In my case Algoldor, I would like to see progress on a food, beverage and bio hacking "department" which would include several assemblies active in these fields, working and sharing resources together. We have cooperated partly in this manner with Every Cook folk already, so it is actually again fallowing a trend if we are happy with that. If we want to do this together with several other groups we need to start several months in advance because it takes time.

List of topics for discussion

  • resetting Food Hacking Base web forum: what services to use, how to administrate it, how much would it cost. Person involved - Steffen B. (available on fhb discuss)

List of all FHB events

so called "Self-organized session" by our assembly

Day Time Event name Event type Max number of participants Location Funding Coordinator
Day 1 14:00-16:00 Makgeolli brewing hands on workshop 15 (Sign up required) Food Hacking Base Assembly donation at your will Eunha
Day 1 Brewers gathering - beers 20:00-22:00 tasting event 20-15 sing in recommended Food Hacking Base Assembly donation at your will
Which day What time Name of the event Type of the event Number of participants Location of the event How is it funded Contact on organizer

Here is list of events which are bing discussed and people who may be involved but it is not final yet!

Kombucha is easy - Algoldor

Cheese tasting - Daan Uttien, Algoldor, Webmind

Cookie Cutter Contest - Daan Uttien

Whiskey tasting, culinary event - Marcel van der Peijl

Cooking with "Uncle Z" Winand Slingenbergh

Bases of cheese making - preparing Mozarella - Machtelt

Operating Experimental Incubator - Marcel van der Peijl, Justa, Algoldor

Introduction to mushroom growing - Daan Uttien

Beer brewing workshop - Ingo Weidauer, Salomonderossi

Brewers gathering - beers -