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Cheese rendez-vous at 30c3

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To secure spot on the Session I. (Day 2, FRI 18h00) please sign in here

To secure spot on the Session 2. (Day 3, SAT 18h00) please sign in here.

To secure spot on the extra afternoon session. (Day 3, SAT 16h00) please sign in here.

Each cheese tasting session is open to 25 people max, please do sign in advance, you can just show up before the event but we are very likely going to be full for this one (like three times overbooked). If you can bring cheese which you made by yourself that would be great! Of course some specific local or extraordinary cheese/s or other related condiments like sun dried tomatoes, good quality olives, mustards, wine all would be appreciated. If you are bringing cheese please do label it well with at least it's name and type of milk used, your nick or name/contact would come handy too. The best would be of course to add short description to our wiki (please check the sample). Still please sign in in advance! FHB will be getting some high quality cheeses to offer basic selection with other samples surrounding it plus some basic condiments. Note that due to the interest in previous years we are going to run two sessions, each one lasting for about two hours or bit over.

This event is based on donation at your will no one turned away for lack of funds.

So lets meet all together again enjoying these lovely creations! Here you can find cheeses which are going to be present, please do add your ones and keep in mind that good half of the cheeses will be not listed here, they will just appear and they are worth of your attention!

List of possible candidates

Please fill out the table as complete as you can, as it can help people with allergies.

Put a ✔in the Vega column if the cheese is not using any animal-derived rennet.


Cheese Name Amount Country of origin Type Consistency Age Milk Fat Vega Cost User Notes
Pastýř (manchego) 350 g Czech Republic 100% sheep cheese semi-hard sheep Algoldor Czech style of Spanish Manchego.
goat&sheep, type 60 360g Czech Republic semi-hard goat&sheep Algoldor Produced by Farma Držovice, small producer.
Harry the smoked goat 298g Netherlands,Utrecht Gouda Hard Goat 50+ 29,95 / kg Jeti Smoked
Notenmelange 456g Netherlands Gouda Semi-hard Cow 19,95/ kg Jeti contains Hazelnut/walnut/fenugreek (GLUTEN)
Goudse boerenkaas 462g Netherlands,Utrecht Gouda Hard Cow 48+ 8,95 Jeti Dutch farmers cheese, made from Raw milk (traditional speciality guaranteed)
Geertje's hoeve geitenkaas 454g Netherlands,Utrecht Hard Goat 8,50 Jeti
Graskaas 290g Netherlands, Noord Limburg Gouda Hard 6m+ Cow 60%+ Ikmaak Young Dutch cheese, made of milk from cows that come outside to graze after winter.
Old Maastricht 300g Netherlands, Maastricht Gouda Hard 14m+ Cow 48%+ Ikmaak Old dutch cheese, made by Maastricht Cheesemakers, in low quantity, mostly sold locally.
Roquefort 235g France Blue Cheese Soft 3m Cow 60%+ Ikmaak
Old Brie 250g France Soft Cow 60%+ Ikmaak Brie extra ripe.
Moliterno al tartufo Truffle cheese 360g Italia Truffle Cheese Semi-hard 8m+ Sheep 48%+ Ikmaak As tasted on the latest Camps and Congress :)
Cornish Yarg 1548g UK semi-hard Cow 30.1% £22.00/kg MikeBoo Cornwall's (UK) unique Yarg cheese: tangy core, natural rind, and the star - a nettle wrap! Brushed on, these nettles create a striking white mold, adding a subtle mushroomy note. Inside? A delightful surprise - fresh, lemony, creamy, with an irresistible crumble.
Schabziger Pecorino 200g DE Pecorino hard 2y Sheep vrs
Mountain Cheese (old) 200g DE/AT Mountain Cheese semi-hard 1y? Cow vrs
Mountain Cheese (medium) 250g DE/AT Mountain Cheese semi-hard 6m? Cow vrs I brought another 250g for putting into pasta and related things
Mountain Cheese (young) 250g DE/AT Mountain Cheese semi-hard 2m? Cow vrs
Mountain Cheddar 250g DE/AT Mountain Cheese semi-hard Cow vrs Mountain Cheese with a Cheddar culture
Mountain Cheese with Fenugreek 250g DE/AT Mountain Cheese semi-hard Cow vrs
Mountain Cheese with wildflowers 200g DE/AT Mountain Cheese semi-hard Cow vrs
Emmentaler 200g DE/AT Emmentaler semi-hard Cow vrs
Smoked Emmentaler 250g DE/AT Emmentaler semi-hard Cow vrs
Goat Emmentaler 250g DE/AT Emmentaler semi-hard Goat vrs
Alpenparmesan 250g DE/AT Parmesan (ish) semi-hard Cow vrs
Roccolo 250g IT Roccolo semi-hard Cow vrs
Fontal 200g IT Fontal soft Cow vrs
Tomme (young) 250g FR Tomme semi-hard Cow vrs
Leipajuusto 430g FI fresh cheese semi-hard Cow jaga
Keisarinna 300g FI aged gouda hard 7m Cow jaga
Vasterbotten 450g SE aged hard cheese hard 14m Cow jaga
Le Rustique 250g FR camembert soft 2d Cow jaga