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At CCC Camp 2019 we plan to have experimental kitchen, two workshop venues and newly a bar. Other structures include presentation desk, computer corner, fhb group hanging out place and newly cooling trailer.

  • Experimental Kitchen - dedicated to experimenting and ambitiously eradicating hunger in a gourmet manner of the fhb crowd, plus providing interesting samples/experimenting on hackers at the presentation desk. During the times of preparation of breakfast, lunch and dinner it is coordinated by person responsible for the shift and needs to be discussed so there is no interference. Rest of the time it is open to the public. Ingredients are free to use, donations at your will promoted. Your working area needs to be cleaned properly afterwards no matter at which stage did you find it and yes please help out you find out that someone "forgets" to take their share ...
  • Workshop Venue I. - smaller workshop venue located closer to the experimental kitchen suitable for 10-15 people devoted to hands on action. It is designed for more hands on workshops and activities. Coordination with kitchen especially for more demanding events is highly recommended. Again coming around 30 min in advance if you are a workshop coordinator and 15 minutes if you are a participant is appreciated. Donations at your will, some profit going towards fhb project would make us happy. Coordinating the booking in advance is a very good idea. Once done, preferably on time, please hand back the workshop venue in a clean well organized state. If there is no event happening you can try to just show up and see if it is free to be used and share it possibly with other projects on the way.
  • Workshop Venue II. - this is the larger workshop venue which should be suited for up to 25 people per event. It's main aim is hosting tasting events and possibly demonstration workshops which do not need frequent access and use of the kitchen. It should be booked after coordinating with fhb group for your activity, if no booking is done on time plan, you can use it, just talk to someone from the group making sure it is really free for use. Donations at your will with some profit going to fhb are welcome. If you are a workshop organizer please come at least around 30 min before your event start so we prepare. Participants should arrive around ten to fifteen minutes before the workshop starts, at least partial booking in advance is recommended, keeping some spots for walk-ins is desired. The workshop venue needs to be cleaned properly after the event and handed back on time.
  • FHB Bar - this is a new initiative which is still taking a shape promoted by Algoldor. The idea is to have a place which is primarily for fhb crowd, friends but also open to the public. It should be run by fhb people and "friends" offering variety of mostly quite specific drinks and snacks hard to find anywhere else - high gourmet quality, exotic and as much as possible prepared by us. Donation at your will no one turned away for lack of funds as usually. Algoldor suggests that the budget for setting the place up, getting most of the drinks and renting space in the cooling trailer needed would be covered by him hoping. Around 30% of profit (if there is any) would go towards the fhb budget, rest of the profit would go towards the project of "Fermentation Mobile" - buying a truck on Algoldor's name and turning it into the food truck. As mentioned before all this is in discussion.
  • fhb group relaxation corner and dining place - we need to dedicate a spot where we eat and where we can relax. This should be really "let me cool down and don't ask me stuff please place", however people involved more with the project should be expecting some disturbance by other people coordinating from time to time.
  • FHB Presentation Desk - here we need to present ourselves to the crowd promoting fhb project, making people aware of our events and general activities and yes also hoping to collect some donations for future projects. Preparing in advance both what we would like to present and who is going to be presenting it, plus coordination with experimental kitchen is very important if it is suppose to go well.
  • FHB computer corner - linux based terminal connected to 24/7 reliable cable based Internet connection and fhb printer are two most important requirements.