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ei Kit "Just"
SSR and heat sink
Working prototypes assembled at VoidWarranties, February 2017

Here you can find info about the development of the experimental incubator (ei)current version 5.0 "" which we are now working on. There are several improvements compared to the previous version. We are switching for the Sonoff TH16 model which is the biggest change.

How to get involved, contact

Get your kit. That is the most easy way how to get in and participating. Contact Algoldor, Justa or send an email to the experimental incubator mailing list. The total cost is around €25 max.

If you want to get involved, you need help with experimental incubator set up and running or you have some other questions you can get in touch with us:

Soldering and connection

For the people who has the 4.0 just version kit (equals v2.1b) we have detailed instructions how to solder, connect and use this version under the soldering guide shared as a pdf file at TechInc wiki's.


Probably not necessary or needs to be updated.


The software was written by Bigmac and Lars, the code is uploaded on Github here.


You will need a USB to serial (TTL) converter to program the arduino. There are 3 brands of converter chips out there: prolific 210X, FTDI, CH340G each with their own driver issues... CH340G Drivers for windows and mac PL2303 CP210x drivers for windows

Here some buy links:

Currently Run Prototypes

The prototypes which are currently running the "just" version are listed here:

Temperature probes

The DS18B20 temperature probes used have PVC shielding; that makes them unsuitable for long time use at temperatures of 100°C or above, although the sensor works up to 125°C. Some sensors are shielded with PTFE cable (more commonly known as Teflon) which is considered food safe to 160°C, so these sensors can be used up to 125°C (max sensor range). Here are some ordering options:


  • Displayed Time Error - Reported on 12/3/2017 by Algoldor. If the incubator is in the off function displaying only time, after several days the display stops showing "time" but starts to show variety of symbols without meaning. It seems like after the amount of the time displayed is too much for the display it crashes.