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Rum is a distilled alcoholic drink made by fermenting then distilling sugarcane molasses or sugarcane juice. The distillate, a clear liquid, is usually aged in oak barrels. This is what the English Wikipedia tells us and I concur with the explanation. But there's more to rum. There is a variety of tastes and it's been a more and more popular drink in the recent years.

Let's come together and have a tasting event. I'm no expert and I don't want to be an expert. If you're an experienced rum lover, you're welcome to join and help me out with things I didn't know yet. But really the event is primarily about enjoying different types of rum together and getting an idea of what consitutes a good rum and which types you like best.

Please note that this is a session that involves a minimum amount of alcohol consumed in order to be able to taste the rum. You are very likely going to drink the equivalent of about one liter of a 5% beverage (i.e. beer). We will have around 10 samples - hopefully more if other people bring their treasures. No food is planned for this session, except a very tiny piece of something later in the event - surprise ahead! Please be aware of this and make sure you're hydrated and that you're well-fed before the event. We will have water though! Driving after this session is strictly illegal for a considerable time, please be aware and do not come by car! We will place the rum bottles on the table so you will be able to track them down, but taking notes during the session is recommended. This workshop is based on donation at your will. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. However please keep in mind that samples for this event will be in excess of 300 EUR and ending up in a plus would help the Food Hacking Base to flourish and offer more events and tastings. There will not be any sale of rum - if you like any rum that you've tasted, please go ahead and buy it for yourself.

New: The list is now in the order of which we tasted them.

List of rum samples

We would love to learn about your daily sipper or your favorite rum or maybe the worst rum you ever had? Let's diversify the selection!

Rum Name Producer Amount Country of origin Person Trafficking it Age/Notes Confirmed?
Single Barrel 2005 Don Q 700 ml Puerto Rico DenkBrettl Age 10 years Yes
Santa Teresa 1796 Hacienda Santa Teresa 700 ml Venezuela DenkBrettl Age 4-35, Solera, Distilled by Foursquare Yes
12 Years American Oak Bourbon Barrels The Real McCoy 700 ml Barbados DenkBrettl Age 12 years Yes
Tres Vieux Rhum Agricole VSOP Clement 700 ml Martinique DenkBrettl Age unknown Yes
ED 13 Barbados Old Bajan Rum Aged 8 Years Tres Hombres 700 ml Barbados DenkBrettl Age 8 years, Single-Cask, Fair transport Yes
Ed. 11 Puerto Rico Rum RumClub Private Selection / Don Q 700 ml Puerto Rico DenkBrettl Age unclear, Single-Cask, Cask strength Yes
Ron Vacilon Anejo 5 Ron Vacilon 700 ml Cuba DenkBrettl Age 5 years, Globus supermarket sourced Yes
2007 Full Proof Exceptional Cask Selection MK X Foursquare 700 ml Barbados DenkBrettl Age 12 years, Cask strength Yes
Almost Spring PX Cask Nine Leaves 700 ml Japan DenkBrettl Age unknown Yes
Jamaica 7 Years Cask Strength Rum Nation 700 ml Jamaika DenkBrettl Age 7 years, Cask Strength (obviously...) Yes

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